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2015-08-03 09:33 pm
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Polling Week Seven - The Longest One

Last week of my weekly polling business. (Though it's been fun so who knows? Perhaps these shall reappear sometime when my schedule allows and questions come to mind.) Figured it was best to do a big finish with a big poll:

Seventeen Assorted Questions Under the Cut )

ETA: Two of the choices on the first question ended up not showing up completely due to quotation marks. To clarify, the paperweight and candy dish both say stuff about how teachers are important and make a difference and all that usual jazz./ETA

Thanks for the indulgence and happy August! Hope everyone is doing okay in the summer heat (or enjoying not being in it, depending on where you are).
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2015-07-27 08:40 pm
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Polling Week Six - Mid-Year Check-in

This week's topic is the current year.

Nine Questions About 2015 Under the Cut )

Thanks for responding! Hope everybody only has good things coming their way for the second half of the year.
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2015-07-20 08:43 pm
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Polling Week Five - Return of the Randomness

The fifth week of polling has arrived and it's back to random questions for this one:

Nine Questions on Various Topics, including Netflix, American Girl Dolls, and chickpeas )

Thanks, as usual, for taking part!
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2015-07-15 09:36 pm
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Polling Week Four - Game On

Still super busy, but a poll commitment > most other things!

12 Questions All About Games Under the Cut )

Thank you, as always, for indulging this nonsense!
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2015-07-11 12:05 am
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Polling Week Three, this time with a (sort of) Theme!

This time I wanted to stick with one theme, though I guess it's technically a couple of themes.

Ten Questions About Motivation and Related Things Below the Cut )

Thank you for your input!
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2015-06-30 10:42 pm
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Second Week of Polling

Mostly unrelated questions yet again, but questions that need your answers! Yes, sir.

[Poll #2015584]

And if you missed week one of this integral part of everyone's life, the beginning poll is over here.
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2015-06-23 08:02 pm
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I'm bringing polls back

So I did not get get the VT job I mentioned. Apparently the other candidate had more of a "reading background" or something. I was feeling super bummed about this, as rejection after rejection really piles on until it's almost too much to handle.

Then I got the brilliant idea to feel better by getting start on my most useless (but totally fun) Mission 101 goal: bring back the polls. Since "summer" (aka working and tutoring but at least getting up slightly later?) will be here soon, it just seemed like the time.

Let the polling begin )

Thank you for helping me cheer up by being part of such ridiculous endeavors! <3
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2011-11-10 11:30 pm
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Wild 11:30 PM Poll Time, Wooo

Schools are closed tomorrow, so I'm waiting up for Anders. I am doing my online tutoring training, which is horribly boring, so obviously I need to take very frequent breaks. A perfect time for a poll!

Seven Questions: Sounds, Pokemon, Writing, Personal Strengths, and Book Recs )

Thanks for taking. :)
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2011-09-09 06:25 pm
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It's been way too long

Seven questions for you all:

[Poll #1777319]
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2011-04-15 01:27 pm
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Poll: dystopian fiction, stages of grief, comedians, eating animals, ladies,and security

I'm feeling like I'm not terribly behind on everything today, which is an unusual feeling for me lately. In any case, this means it's poll time. :D

Nine Mostly Unrelated Questions Under the Cut )

I have one more class on Saturday morning and then I will be finally be able to enjoy a much-needed Spring Break from classes as well as from tutoring. I'll be using most of the break time to finish all schoolwork possible and go wild on the job search, of course, but it's still needed, especially because rehearsals start going into overtime next week. Hard to believe this show opens in just three weeks.
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2011-01-12 12:17 am
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Seven Late Night Questions

Just the usual set of unrelated questions. :)

Poll Under the Cut )

Though the nap question is related to my current supremely erratic sleep schedule. I need to work on that.
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2010-10-11 08:49 pm
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On a ridiculous holiday

I had off from school today and I managed to get a bunch of work done. Though I'm still sick with a horrible sore throat and some other respiratory/cold symptoms (and I'm not sure how I'm going to recover, considering how much I have to speak loudly every day D:). Anyway, I'm rewarding myself for getting stuff done by doing something I haven't really done since freaking APRIL...a poll consisting of unrelated questions!

Seven Questions Under the Cut )

Thanks for taking. :)
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2010-04-05 05:16 pm
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Poll: Food stuff, Education Stuff, and Some Other Stuff

There are probably other things I could be doing right now, but it's my last day of spring break, and thus, probably the last time I'll have time to make ridiculous poll until the end of May. So I'm doing it.

Nine questions underneath the cut )

Thanks for taking! I hope everybody had a good holiday, whether Passover, Easter, or simply enjoying glorious time off!
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2010-02-10 11:24 pm
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Poll: Snow days, learning, age, cheating, bad tv, Mario, gambling, and so on.

Hunter was officially closed at 12:00 PM today, which means that I actually had a bunch of time to get ahead on schoolwork, for once...and now I can do something I haven't been able to do for awhile: ask a bunch of unrelated questions to everybody here! :D

Fourteen Questions Under the Cut )

Thanks for taking! I've missed casual polls. My poll-making time had been a bit taken over by [ profile] thenightswatch last month.
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2009-10-23 09:38 pm
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Friday night polling

Once again, haven't had time for a poll in awhile. But I do right now.

Seven Questions Under the Cut )

Thanks for taking - hope you all have lovely weekends!
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2009-09-14 09:54 pm
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2009-07-22 06:07 pm
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It's been ages since I've had the time to make a poll for fun. But I have time today! I miss just chilling out on livejournal. It's been feeling like a bit of a chore lately, but I think the feeling will pass. I have at least caught up to my flist now. Not watching [ profile] valyrian_forged for the moment actually makes it seem a lot more manageable (though I'll obviously still check it on a regular basis, it's just better to look at separately, I think). ;) Anyway, POLL TIME!

12 Questions Under the Cut )

Apologies in advance for any typos, and thanks for taking. :)
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2009-06-05 04:56 pm
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Polling Time

Sadly, I haven't had time for irrelevant poll questions in a good while. But I have some today, so...

Seven Questions Under the Cut )

ETA: Feel free to ignore the massive typo on the fifth question. I obviously meant to say "forgot to mention" not "forgiot mentionnne" or whatever the hell my hands decided would be a good idea to type instead. :P

And thanks for taking. :)
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2009-04-27 08:55 pm
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