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So thanks to the wonders of [ profile] ikel89's annual santa exchange, I just received a holiday gift from a "secret" santa. The packages from this tradition are always delightful, but this time my friend Anna ([ profile] hamsterwoman) went to santa-extremes. To be "fair" about half of these gifts count as birthday presents for my January birthday instead of holiday gifts, but it's still utterly overwhelming (in a good way, of course).


It arrived on Monday, but it arrived quite late so I didn't even finish opening all of it until the following day!

Many Neat Things Under the Cut )

In conclusion, Anna's level of generosity and good taste is too high for this world. Thank you again for bringing something sweet and happy to my December and my 2016. You're the best. And apparently my soulmate. ;)
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This week I received the gift package from [ profile] polnaya_lipa, all the way from Russia.

Contents underneath the cut - glad to see the mail thieves did not get it! )

In any case, it's been a really tough week with the foot surgery recovery and what seem to be hundreds of tasks to do at school, so this was a sweet treat amidst the negative. Thanks so much for your generosity, [ profile] polnaya_lipa and thanks to [ profile] ikel89, as well!

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Dec. 17th, 2014 08:05 pm
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I was having a real down day yesterday, but one bright spot was the arrival of [ profile] wintergreen126's gift (delivered with the aid of [ profile] ikel89's plotting magic)!

A Delightful Delivery )

Thanks so much for the thoughtful and fun gift, [ profile] wintergreen126! You are awesome.

Though speaking of awesome and gifts, amidst all my recent sadness I forgot to mention Anders's holiday gift to me: this DSLR camera. :D I've been rather busy and it didn't even come with a memory card, so I haven't really read the manual and it's not set up for use yet, but hopefully soon. Winter break is coming, after all!


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