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Felt like asking some.

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Jan. 16th, 2009 06:38 pm
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Since a bunch of you said you also liked to baked stuff in the most recent poll, I decided to make a poll about baking. Also because I just felt like it. Of course.

12 Baking-related questions under the cut )

ETA: I meant muffin/cupcake tins, not tines. Yeah.

Thanks for taking. :)
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ETA: On the age gap question, I'm asking specifically about people who are NOT your blood relatives. Just FYI!
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ETA: I realize that I listed one of the nonfiction sections as being "nonfiction". Er, I guess you can take that to mean General New Releases in Nonfiction. Or something.

[Poll #1300610]
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Though, yes, I did vote today, so please don't come after me with any soapbox speeches. :)

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Thanks for taking!
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The polls just cannot stop lately.

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Also, happy birthday to Anders ([ profile] plasticactus), an incredibly awesome boyfriend that I am so lucky to have. <3... 26 years "young"! ;)
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I should probably get back on those ABC meme topics know, do something productive with my time...but [ profile] arasan and [ profile] polarlucky started driving and you know I can never, EVER resist the pull of the self-obsession bandwagon.

Basically, [ profile] arasan started the trend of sorting people into the four seasons, based on personality. I was born in the winter, but I'm not sure if I have the personality a "winter child" is supposed to have. In fact, I'm not even sure what personality qualities are supposed to be associated with which season, though I'm assuming Renly Baratheon is a great example of a summer personality. :P Anyway, I guess you can just go on your gut in these decisions if nothing else. It's obviously not a life-or-death matter. :)

[Poll #1274562]

Please feel free to explain your answers, naturally!
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The poll urge was really bad tonight. Thus this is especially long and the questions are especially unrelated. ;)

Fifteen Question Poll Under the Cut )

P.S. I thought Desperate Housewives was awesome tonight. Am the only person who still likes this show in its fifth season? Okay, I suppose that's a rhetorical question. :P
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I started to write about "New York City" (up next on the ABC meme) but it was too depressing for the moment. Therefore, we have a meme and a very short poll! Fun times!

Shield your eyes for this one:

Handwriting Meme )

Anyway...remember HP? Yeah. [ profile] misstopia just did this in her journal and you know I can never resist the urge to jump on the self-obsession bandwagon. I know I've probably asked this question twice before, but it's been awhile and I've gotten a lot of new LJ friends since then, so...I'm doing it yet again. Deal. And by "deal", I obviously mean "take the poll". :P

Let me know:

[Poll #1262652]

Feel free to comment with any amazing explanations. :)
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